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Black Republican Black Democrat

Feb 26, 2019

Jamar and Patwin are joined by Rev. Childress to discuss abortion.  I'm sure you can imagine how that goes.


Feb 19, 2019

Robert Hayden Jr, historian, author, and educator, joins Patwin and Jamar from Martha's Vineyard to discuss preserving black heritage and culture.


Feb 12, 2019

Jamar and Patwin talk numerous topics including:

MN Special Election

Diversity, or lack thereof, in the Republican Party.

Would Jamar vote for Patwin?

Non-profits- including that big football one.

The drama in Virginia

The New Green Deal

Feb 5, 2019

Thea West from Afri Synergy News joins Jamar and Patwin to talk a wide range of topics including Kamala Harris' run for President, illegal immigration, and the African American's National Political Agenda.